54 Year Old Pharmacy Goes Mobile

Located in Anderson, South Carolina, Propp Drugs is a family owned pharmacy that has been operated by three generations of the Propp family since opening its doors in 1962.

The pharmacy was originally founded by Pete Propp and is currently owned by Pete’s son Lee, now Lee’s son McCallum has started in the business as an on-staff Pharmacist. Propp Drugs’ client base consists of local doctor practices that depend on the pharmacy’s high touch service and welcoming atmosphere.

The Pharmacy recently upgraded their website and added a mobile app using RxWiki’s Digital Pharmacist platform. Rachelle Shirley, a staff member at Propp Drugs said she has seen an overwhelmingly positive response from patients.

“Many of our patients using the new mobile app and website have found it to be a great experience. We had a new patient come in recently who said he was so excited about using the mobile app because he could submit a refill at 2:00 in the morning! It’s a great example of how we can provide a higher level of service and convenience for our customers. Plus our patients are impressed that Propp Drugs is staying on the cutting edge with new technologies.”

Despite being relatively new to the Digital Pharmacist program Rachelle has already seen their mobile app download numbers and refills grow significantly as more patients learn how convenient it is. They expect those numbers to grow even more as the pharmacy starts using RxWiki’s free in store display materials, including a banner display, campaign buttons and counter displays.

While Propp Drugs has seen immediate success with their Digital Pharmacist products and services, the staff is even more excited to see what the future holds, and Rachelle indicated that the best is yet to come. “Our patients have visited the website and have told us they like what they see, so we really want to stay on top of it and continue to add new services like weekly patient newsletters using the Digital Pharmacist newsletter platform.”

As a family run pharmacy that has served its community for over half of a century, the future is looking brighter than ever for the next generation of Propp Drugs owners and customers.

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