Annie’s Apothecary is the ‘Go-To’ Resource for Helping Patients with Health and Wellness

Dr. Leigh Ann Grasso of Annie’s Apothecary, with two locations in Texas, believes a pharmacy should do more than just fill prescriptions. In keeping with her mission to be the best resource for optimal health and patient education, she launched her first eNewsletter in February. Now, she reaches 1,100 patients on a weekly basis. The goal is to provide health and wellness information, but it also helps drive more patients into the store where the team can continue to build stronger personal relationships.

On average, 342 subscribers view Annie’s eNewsletter each week producing an average of 40 patient interactions. Based on current industry standards, this results in an estimated 32 in-store visits each month.

While creating content may seem challenging, Dr. Grasso enrolls six staff pharmacists to create original content that will resonate with their patients. Since articles are already being written for local magazines, re-purposing content for the eNewsletter is easy and can be accomplished in about ten minutes.

Four factors contributed to the success of Dr. Grasso’s eNewsletter launch and ongoing engagement:

  • Collecting Patient E-mails – E-mail addresses are entered into the pharmacy management system (PMS). They are also automatically collected with every new patient transfer through online and mobile prescription refill forms allowing opt-in without any additional work.
  • Assigned Digital Champions – Heidi Cervantes, CPhT and Jessica Hurst, CPhT, are responsible for scheduling and publishing content each week.
  • Capitalized on New and Existing Content – In addition to using original articles, the digital champions saved time and resources by using content provided by retail vendors.
  • Created an Editorial Calendar –  Annie’s Apothecary abides by their own health event calendar for easy access to relative topics each week.

“Digital Pharmacist has been a big help getting our name out there as much as we want to be. All of their services, mobile app, website and newsletter have made a difference.”
– Heidi Cervantes, CPhT

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