APS Pharmacy Goes Above and Beyond to Promote Digital Refills

APS Pharmacy was the winner of our PDS VIP Conference ticket giveaway. Contest entrants had to answer the question “how do you encourage patients to refill their prescriptions digitally?” in order to be entered to win the ticket. APS Pharmacy was our randomly chosen winner with the answer, “We promote our refill app across all of our social media platforms, as well as put leaflets in patient orders, and promote the Rx app on our bags and recycle bags.” Considering their robust approach to promoting digital refills, we wanted to dive in deeper to share more about their tactics.

You may remember APS Pharmacy from their previous feature on our blog, Florida Pharmacy Serves 47 States Across the Country. Their business model is very different from the average independent pharmacy. They have both a retail store where they compound medication, and they also serve patients across 47 states via mailed prescriptions. Eli Johnson, Marketing Communications Manager of APS, explained, “we’re always looking for ways to improve the patient experience. Making people aware that they can refill via our website and mobile app saves us, doctors, and patients from aggravation.”

Eli went on to explain one of his favorite ways APS promotes their mobile app. “We incentivize people to download the app. If they come into the store and download while they’re here, we give them a recyclable shopping bag. It’s a small thing that everyone loves, plus it gets the word out.” Eli explained that encouraging patients to refill via the mobile app is all about activity. “You get a card when you walk in encouraging you to download the app now, it’s on our shopping bags, and leaflets go in every bag and all packages we ship throughout the US. We put the message on everything we do.”

Aside from promoting their refill app via social media and insertions, APS Pharmacy also sent out a press release about being mobile. “This is a really huge deal for us. And you don’t have to spend much to get a wide reach,” said Eli.

When asked what advice he would give other pharmacists and pharmacy owners, Eli explained, “you have to have the fortitude to stick with your marketing tactics to see results. It’s not a one month thing, it’s a commitment, and it has to be part of your strategy. It’s worth it to get your name out there and grow beyond being just the store on the corner.”

If you want to learn more about the website and mobile app that APS Pharmacy uses to reach patients, or for ideas on how you can encourage patients to refill digitally, contact our experts at [email protected] or call (877)-959-7550.