Visit Digital Pharmacist at the PDS Super Conference + $250 off Your Ticket

We’re excited to announce that Digital Pharmacist is attending the PDS Super Conference February 23-25 in Orlando, Florida. We’re hoping to get to know many of you while we’re there.

If you’re ready to go, get your discounted ticket now.

The PDS conference’s purpose is to familiarize pharmacy owners with industry trends and research and offer suggestions to improve business. Pharmacy is constantly changing and it’s critical that independents understand market trends and shift business practices to accommodate those changes. This is your chance to learn from fellow pharmacists and industry experts about the most current strategies to grow your revenue. We’re thrilled to be a part of it.

“Forward-thinking pharmacy entrepreneurs reject the view of business that longer hours and more sacrifices will bring new results. They realize that ‘business as usual’ doesn’t work anymore. The industry’s future will be defined by those who can reassess how they look at challenges and what they thought they knew about running an independent pharmacy business.”

Stop by and visit our team in booth #606. We’ll be handing out our new, Digital Pharmacist-branded t-shirts while we introduce you to all of our products and services.

  • Branded telephone voice response, outbound reminders and call overflow management
  • Branded websites and mobile apps, with one-click refill and automated reminder alerts
  • Branded text message refill and reminder alerts
  • CRM and email marketing tools, such as branded email newsletters
  • Patient reviews
  • Interactive classes on the most important clinical conditions, such as diabetes

The PDS Super Conference isn’t just a networking event, it’s a movement that aims to transform pharmacy by uniting the pharmacists who live, breathe, and understand the business. Sound interesting? We think so too. We want as many of you to attend as possible. That’s why we’re offering all Digital Pharmacist subscribers $250 off their PDS badge.

For more information about the 2017 PDS Super Conference, click here. We hope to see you there!