Barney’s Pharmacy Uses Facebook to Engage With New Patients and Compete Against the Chain Stores

Congratulations to Barney’s Pharmacy. Located in Augusta, GA, Barney's was recently awarded one of the top 100 small businesses in America by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. We also want to focus our spotlight on Barney’s this week for another reason - building awareness and engagement on Facebook.

Barney’s has been using the Digital Pharmacist Digital Marketing Services program to promote their pharmacy with Facebook page promotion campaigns. The primary goal of these campaigns is to bring more people to the pharmacy page and increase engagement.

Since September 2015, Barney’s has seen a significant rise in Facebook page fans, or “Likes”, on their business page and are now less than 40 away from reaching their goal of 3,000 fans.

You might be asking yourself why is Facebook important to my pharmacy?

Barry Bryant R. Ph., owner of Barney’s, wondered the same thing until he read a 2015 survey from Springer Research of over 4,500 retail pharmacy customers indicating that there is “strong interest among patients in the use of email and Facebook to communicate with their physicians.”

Based on this research he decided to focus on his Facebook page as a quick and easy resource to communicate with his patients. With 3,000 fans now on Barry’s pharmacy page, he has a way to reach and communicate with thousands of people every day. That’s a powerful tool to stay competitive and relevant online.

How does Barney’s do it?

Barney’s Pharmacy is building a vibrant online audience by engaging visitors on Facebook with relevant content. Digital Pharmacist is helping Barney’s by targeting communities in the Augusta, GA area via Facebook advertising, directly attracting over half of Barney’s 3,000 likes.

Barney’s Facebook popularity has also helped them gain new customers from some of their bigger competitors like CVS. The staff has noticed that many new customers have switched to Barney’s Pharmacy by learning about their friendly and personable service on Facebook.

Would you like to reach more customers online using Facebook? Contact us and we would be glad to answer any questions you may have.

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