How Bellin Health Pharmacy Saved 22 Labor Hours in One Month

By Chris Watkins – Digital Pharmacist Staff

The pharmacy industry is changing and often requires pharmacy owners to pivot to keep up.

Jonathan Strom, a pharmacist at Bellin Health Pharmacy, knew his business needed innovative solutions to not only be able to keep up with the dynamic industry but keep up with the way the world now prefers to communicate.  

In the month of January, Jonathan Strom was able to essentially turn Bellin Health Pharmacy into a 24-hour operation and improve the operational efficiency of the pharmacy — saving over 22 labor hours.

Jonathan didn’t hire additional staff or implement an expensive robotic dispensing system. Instead, he launched their pharmacy branded mobile app and website.

Jonathan understood there has been a shift in how patients want to interact with their healthcare providers including their pharmacy. What Jonathan didn’t see coming was just how overwhelmingly popular his mobile app would be. Upon achieving over 500 app downloads, it became more apparent to Jonathan Strom just how important mobile refilling was to his patients.

With close to 90 percent of his digital refills coming from his branded mobile app, Jonathan explains his patients prefer to use the mobile app for refills. This is because his patients can refill their medications on their time. Instead of being tied to the business hours of the pharmacy, patients can process their refills on their phone outside of normal business hours. This new offering saves Jonathan and his staff an average of over 23 labor hours each month from manually receiving refills on the phone.

Across the 5 locations in the greater Green Bay, Wisconsin area, the response from patients about the mobile app has been unanimous. “People use it all the time,” says Jonathan; with the ability to refill, set medication reminders, and call the pharmacy directly, the mobile app has become one of the primary ways regular patients engage with their pharmacy.

That’s not to say the Bellin Health Pharmacy website isn’t just as important. With over 300 visitors in the last 30 days, their website has remained relevant for new and current patients alike. This symbiotic relationship between their website and mobile app is a large part of what has contributed to the almost 20 percent digital refill growth over the past 6 months.

Since patients prefer to engage Jonathan and his staff through their mobile and website, it has not been difficult promoting their digital solutions, Jonathan noted.

Jonathan looks forward to continuing to leverage his mobile app and website so he can better serve his patients. For help building your digital solutions such as a personalized mobile app, give us a call at 877-959-7550 or email [email protected].