Why McDowell’s Pharmacy Went Digital After 100 Years

We sat down with Thomas at McDowell's Pharmacy to learn how going digital has served their patient base and how the addition of their website has boosted patient engagement.

In the quaint town of Scotland Neck, North Carolina, there’s a fourth generation pharmacy named McDowell’s Pharmacy that has been serving the community since 1901. With a population of approximately 2,000 people, the pharmacy staff treats each patient who walks through the door like family.

The pharmacy focuses on specialty services like medication synchronization, adherence packaging, vaccines and diabetes management, but they’re also known to work just as hard helping patients save money on prescriptions as they do helping them stay healthy.

While folks on both sides of the counter already knew each other by name, McDowell’s decided to launch their mobile app earlier in the year in hopes of increasing patient care by offering the convenience of a digital service. The community was quick to respond, and it became clear rather quickly that the move was a good one.

According to Thomas, lead pharmacist with McDowell’s, their patients loved the ability to refill on their own time. This would, in turn, allow the pharmacy to process refills more efficiently, rather than filling them all during busy times of the day. More time away from the phone meant that Thomas and his team could also spend more time with patients, delivering that personalized care they’re known for.

After patients refill, they’re given an opportunity to provide pharmacy feedback. When asked ‘What do you like the most about our pharmacy?’ one patient responded, ‘No place like it! Glad to have a place I can trust and friendly faces that will always go the extra mile.’

Building on the momentum of their success with the mobile app, they decided to move forward with a website as well. The benefit of creating an online presence for a small-town pharmacy might seem like it wouldn’t make much of an impact. However, in just one month of going live, the website presence helped improve overall awareness of the mobile app, and the number of mobile refills jumped to 121 refills in a 30-day time period.

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