How to Be Successful Online – Part 1 of 5: The Importance of a Digital Strategy

In 2016, the 3,700 community pharmacy locations leveraging the Digital Pharmacist platform will receive ONE MILLION web and mobile prescription refills.

While we’re excited to see this tremendous growth, we think the number can be even greater. Walgreens completes a mobile refill every second of every day. That’s 31.5 million mobile refills a year, with just 8,177 stores.

At the Digital Pharmacist program, we looked at our top performing pharmacies, and Walgreens, to develop 5 tips to help you be successful online.


Your digital strategy is critical to staying relevant with your patients, lowering your costs and competing with the big box pharmacies.

Stay Relevant With All of Your Patients – Even Seniors Are Online Now

It used to be that being online didn’t matter to your business, especially if your patients were older, but now that has changed. The number of seniors online is growing rapidly.

Streamline Your Operations and Lower Your Costs

Taking a refill over the phone, via the IVR, making a patient wait 5-10 minutes or asking them to wait until tomorrow – these all cost time or inconvenience the patient. Compare that with a digital refill which is effortless for you and easy and convenient for your patients. Almost half of digital refills happen when you are closed. Plus you are potentially losing business to your competition if you aren’t providing refills online. Digital refills help you capture those patients and refills that would otherwise be lost when your pharmacy is closed. This streamlines your operation and improves patient’s satisfaction

Remain Competitive 24/7 on Your Patient’s Phone

Walgreens has the #3 app in the United States. Patients now expect the convenience of 24/7 refills and access to quality information via their smartphones and web. Walgreens is refilling a prescription from a mobile app every second of every. Don’t let Walgreens win the battle on your patient’s phone.

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