How To Compete With The Big Guys

With big announcements and lots of media, folks are talking about how Amazon’s acquisition of PillPack will change health care and how CVS’s delivery-by-mail-for-a-fee is somehow innovative.

You shouldn’t be worried though, not if you’re doing what it takes to compete. You can do things chain and mail-order pharmacies can’t or won’t do – but you have to actually do those things — and do them well.

Are you:

  • Promoting your services (especially in-person delivery and adherence packaging)?
  • Strengthening patient relationships?
  • Telling your story to the media?
  • Courting large local employers and plans for which you can offer enhanced services?
  • Seeking out other new payment opportunities?

At the upcoming NCPA Annual Convention, you’ll find a lineup of learning opportunities that can equip you not only to compete with the big guys but to provide – and get paid for – valuable patient services to populations that may be underserved in your community. There’s that and much more at NCPA’s Annual Convention, Oct. 6-9, in Boston. No fluff, no theorizing – just solid ideas and solutions that can boost your pharmacy business. Register now! (And hurry: NCPA preferred hotel rates are only available through Sept. 12!)