Life Saving Compound Medication Inspires Pharmacy Transformation

Donnie Calhoun, owner of Calhoun Compounding located in Anniston, Alabama, has been compounding medications since 1992. In fact, it was a compound medication he developed for a patient that made such an impact he was inspired to change his pharmacy’s practice to a compounding and patient wellness pharmacy.

In his first year of compounding medications, Calhoun served a patient who had previously endured two miscarriages. Working with the patient’s doctor, he was able to compound progesterone suppositories, which helped to successfully carry the mother to term. Inspired by the experience, Calhoun joined the Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA), where he received extensive compounding training, and started changing over his pharmacies to compounding pharmacies.

Donnie gave us multiple examples of how Calhoun Compounding has helped patients that have been frustrated with their traditional medications. “We had a young woman with severe ADHD and other behavioral issues who was taking 6 different medications. We were able to compound a prescription for her to switch from 6 commercial products to one compound, making it much easier on the patient and a lot less costly for the family. Another patient, an elderly lady who lived alone, received Medication Therapy Management from us to help her manage her medications and continue to live independently.”

Today, Calhoun Compounding fulfills between 800-1,000 prescriptions per month for customers and provides a variety of wellness programs such as biometric screenings. In fact, the Alabama Department of Health allows the pharmacy to perform saliva tests and lab tests to increase patients’ knowledge of their own wellness.

To stay competitive with big box chains, Donnie knows exactly what sets Calhoun Compounding apart. “We have developed a practice that focuses on taking care of the patient first and getting positive outcomes. We don’t consider other pharmacies as competition, as we believe in the unique brand of healthcare that Calhoun Compounding provides.”

In terms of RxWiki’s Digital Pharmacist program, Calhoun says “It has been a blessing that has helped us stay current by providing health information for patients on our web page and social media. Plus, many of our customers inquire about articles on Facebook, which enables us to further assist patients with their medication needs.”

Calhoun Compounding has clearly established a unique and rewarding niche in their market by providing customized medications to serve patients in their community.

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