How Loop Pharmacy & Home Medical Increased Business by 33%

Mike Rudge, COO of Loop Pharmacy & Home Medical, serves residents around the Kahawha Valley in West Virginia. While having the latest technology advancements may not seem like a pressing issue for a small community, he faces some of the same challenges as many independent pharmacies across the U.S.

Like many pharmacies, Loop Pharmacy & Home Medical focuses on growing the business while keeping costs down. Since adding staff was not in the budget, Mike knew that adopting the latest digital tools was essential to succeeding in today’s market.

Loop Pharmacy & Home Medical fills a large number of prescriptions each month with a significant number of compounds. They needed a digital solution that worked with both of their software systems, Pioneer and PK.

The idea behind integration was to get prescriptions queued up for the staff so they didn’t have to hunt down information or stacks of paper from refills coming in via fax. Because an integrated system helps streamline fulfillment, they’ve seen their business increase and are moving to boost the number of refills submitted online and through the mobile app.

Here’s what they did:

  • IVR Installation – Mike worked with Telemanager to create a customized solution for their two separate PMS systems. This allowed them to accept both regular and compounded prescriptions through phone automation without disrupting the daily workflow.
  • Digital Refill Integration – Loop Pharmacy integrated their PMS systems with their online and mobile refill forms granting their patients 24/7 access to their pharmacy.
  • Staff Training – Pharmacy staff was educated on the new process and was able to increase intake capacity while decreasing labor time.

As a result of this initiative, more than 10% of refills are coming in through IVR.

“We’ve been able to increase our business by one third due to automation without having to increase staff,” said Mike. He continued, “You need to leverage technology, or you’re doomed to failure.”

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