How Nicole Dziuba Can Spend Her Time on What Matters Most to Her: Her Patients

We regularly speak with pharmacists to find out what has been a game-changer for them and their businesses. This month, we spoke with Nicole Dziuba, PharmD, about why she chose Benzer Pharmacy and how it helps her navigate the changes in the pharmacy industry. Read her story below to learn about the many advantages of partnering with Benzer.

Upon graduation, Dr. Dziuba knew she wanted to work for a company that would not only enable her but support her in providing the best care to her patients. She joined Benzer in 2017 and currently manages a Benzer Pharmacy in Tampa, Florida.

Benzer Pharmacy is a top franchise choice for independent owners. Benzer Pharmacy is run by independent owners for independent owners.

“One of the biggest things I enjoy about being part of the Benzer family is the support system,” Dr. Dziuba said. “The assistance I receive — whether it is for human resources, compliance, payroll, accounting or legal purposes — I have the peace of mind that corporate is there to help me.”

As part of the Benzer family, franchisees have the same full access to all of the resources corporate pharmacists receive. These resources not only streamline store operations but help pharmacists run a successful business in a changing landscape.

Everyone in the Benzer family belongs to a network of other Benzer pharmacists who help one another, Dr. Dziuba said.

When we asked Nicole about the greatest challenges of managing a pharmacy and how to overcome them, she said, “I would say getting used to the pricing of products that we order and knowing which wholesaler I should purchase from and knowing the ins and outs of different pricing and insurance plans. You can really negatively impact your bottom line if you are not careful with purchasing due to the complexity of drug acquisition costs. But through partnering with Benzer, this is not something I have to be worried about. I never have to worry about not getting the best prices. Benzer made this easier than I thought.”

Dr. Dziuba said Benzer has enabled her to focus on what she is most passionate about.

“Through Benzer’s support and resources, I can spend time and energy on the things that matter the most to me, like counseling and providing in-depth over-the-counter consultation services,” she said.  

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