Lead Tracking Tool Enables Pharmacies to Attract 10 New Patients per Month

Mountain Key Pharmacy was a new pharmacy that needed help creating a trackable and effective digital marketing strategy. Dr. Stein also had to ensure that whatever tool he brought on would not add more manual steps for his staff. By partnering with Digital Pharmacist, Mountain Key Pharmacy was able to increase awareness and bring in new patients through trackable marketing efforts.

Since January 2020, Mountain Key Pharmacy has:


New patient calls tracked


Customized ad campaigns 


Clicks on social media ads

About Mountain Key Pharmacy

Mountain Key Pharmacy is a locally-owned community pharmacy located in Florissant, Colorado. They are a medical pharmacy that prides themselves on their outstanding customer service and caring and professional staff.

When Dr. Brent Stein, PharmD, decided to open his pharmacy in 2018, he understood the importance of leveraging digital tools to reach and attract new patients to build his business. With that goal in mind, he needed a partner that could help him run digital marketing campaigns and offer tools to make sure his team was providing patients with the best care.

The Challenge

Lack of Transparency

As Dr. Stein explained, his biggest challenge when thinking about running marketing campaigns was identifying how successful they were in attracting new patients. “When you’re planning on spending money to run any business initiative, you want to be sure you can track if it is successful or not so you’re not wasting your money.” 

Hiring an employee to run the pharmacy’s marketing simply wasn’t an option; what Stein needed was a partner to help him run his marketing efforts and a tool to give him visibility into the results.

Time Management

When asked about the pharmacy’s scarcest resource, Stein said, “Our biggest limitation, by far, is time.” Between tending to patients in the store and answering phone inquiries from patients and doctor’s offices, the staff at Mountain Key Pharmacy had their hands full. 

With so many other duties, it was hard to keep track of incoming calls from new patients, get all of their information, and correctly input it into the system. To do this, the staff often had to call patients back or listen to countless voicemails, which was very time-consuming. Stein needed a tool that could store all new patient information in one, easy-to-use platform that his staff could reference without slowing them down. 

The Solution


After finding and trying the Digital Pharmacist platform, Stein was immediately impressed with the visibility he had. “I was able to see exactly how many new patients we were getting and where those new patients were coming from.”

With Digital Pharmacist’s digital marketing program, we set up a ‘New Patient Tracking’ line on the pharmacy’s digital platforms like their Healthsite, Facebook, and any ads run by the Digital Pharmacist agency. Now, Stein feels comfortable that he’s investing his money in the channels bringing in the most revenue.

Easy-to-Use Platform

With the staff’s time fully dedicated to giving patients the best care and customer experience, Digital Pharmacist’s Lead Tracking tool helped Mountain Key Pharmacy save time while making sure they followed up with all of their patients in a timely manner. 

Lead Tracking made it easy to access all the information the pharmacy needed in one simple view. From new voicemails and unread voicemail transcripts to new patient names and phone numbers, the staff could quickly find the information they were looking for rather than wasting time searching through lengthy voicemail messages. This also freed up time for staff to get in touch with new patients faster and, in turn, get more new business.

The Results with Digital Pharmacist

Digital Pharmacist’s Lead Tracking tool checked all the boxes for Mountain Key Pharmacy. Dr. Stein streamlined his pharmacy’s workflow by implementing a product that saved his pharmacists time and gave him insights into his marketing so he could make data-driven decisions for his business.

By continuing to partner with Digital Pharmacist, Stein can continue to establish Mountain Key Pharmacy as a pillar in the Florissant community and bring in new patients for his pharmacists to serve.