Porter Pharmacy Gets 300 Digital Refills Per Month

For Porter Pharmacy & Gifts, the question to go digital was an easy one. Rob Dykes, owner and pharmacist of Porter Pharmacy, knew that patients needed new ways to connect with their pharmacy and manage their medications. National, big box chain pharmacies can’t offer the level of personalization that local pharmacies can but are still able to capture a large amount of patients simply due to the convenience features they offer. By going digital, Rob was able offer those same convenience features while also delivering on the local pharmacy promise: personalized patient health care.

This means that Porter Pharmacy & Gifts, which was previously only open between 8:30a.m. and 6p.m. on the weekdays, was now a 24 hour operation. Customers immediately responded to this higher level of convenience. Many of Rob’s patients worked 9 to 5 jobs, leaving little time to refill and pick up their prescriptions. Now, patients can refill anytime they want and have their prescriptions delivered to their door. Rob estimates that upwards of 40% of digital prescriptions that come through are submitted after hours or on Sunday. Not only is this a significant portion of refills that could have been captured by a big box competitor, but this accounts for an additional 10 hours on the phone outside of business hours.

Through a simple promotional strategy of word-of-mouth at the point of sale and on the phone, Rob grew his digital engagement and trained his patients to think digital first when refilling their prescriptions. Overall, this has saved Rob and his team 25.5 hours on the phone through their over 300 monthly refills.

Although Porter Pharmacy is in a small town of a little over 5,000 people, it’s apparent that people respond to real convenience. The pharmacy receives an average of 300 digital refills a month and Rob is excited to continue growing his digital presence so he can better serve his patients. Additionally, Porter Pharmacy & Gifts is soon to be “Dykes Pharmacy” and Rob plans to place digital at the heart of their rebranding strategy.

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