How to use promotions (and Pokemon Go!) to drive traffic and transactions

Promotions and discounts can really drive patients to your pharmacy but they can be tricky to do successfully. Hear from Digital Pharmacist’s very own CEO, Chris Loughlin, on how to run a successful promotion. Prior to joining Digital Pharmacist, Loughlin was CEO of Travelzoo, a travel deal media company which ran and managed 20-30 deals per week. We’ll also talk about Pokemon Go and whether you should be participating in this trend.

What you will learn in this webinar

– When a promotion or discount makes sense
– Best practices on building a promotion
– How to promote the promotion
– How to measure it to see if has been successful
– What is Pokemon Go and how to use it for your pharmacy

Chris Loughlin, CEO, Digital Pharmacist
Benson Dooley, Pokemon Extraordinaire

Who should attend
Anyone who is responsible for attracting patients to the pharmacy, or is in charge of marketing including

– Pharmacists
– Pharmacy owners
– Business owners
– Marketers

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