Spotlight on New App Feature: Co-pay Coupons

In our spotlight on Refill Reminders last week, you learned that we’ve improved and simplified the entire refill process for your patients. That improvement includes an easy way to help your patients save money on their medications. This week we’ll dive into the app feature that makes it possible.

Co-pay Coupons (also known as manufacturer coupons) can save your patients money by finding coupons during the medication refill process. Coupons are matched based on the medication, dose, and form being refilled, then automatically presented to your patients in the app. Patients can then choose to submit the coupon for use with just one click, or remove the coupon if they don’t want to submit it.

In addition, patients will be asked about insurance. If eligible to be reimbursed, in whole or in part by Medicaid, Medicare (including Medicare Part D), or other federal or state healthcare programs (including any state prescription drug assistance programs), then they will not be presented with the option for a co-pay coupon.

If they do submit it, the co-pay coupon will automatically be shown in the “Co-pay Coupons” section of the app for reference, then sent to your pharmacy through fax. And if there is no valid coupon available, your patients will be taken straight to the “Save a Refill” page so they can easily submit a refill next time (making adherence even simpler).

But don’t worry – we will ONLY send manufactuer coupons. We will not send any discount cards or third party coupons to make sure we never send a coupon you will lose money on. All you’ll have to do on your end is enter the BIN, PCN, Group, and ID numbers as a second payer into your pharmacy management system.

To get this new feature and your free upgrade to the new app, speak with a member of our success team at (877) 959-7550 or click here.

If you want to learn how you can leverage this feature and become a Digital Pharmacist, contact us now.

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