How a Top Ranked Pharmacist Uses Technology to Increase Adherence

Since its opening in 2011, Hayat Pharmacy focuses on top quality care for patients in the inner city of Milwaukee. Founder Dr. Hashim Zaibak and his wife knew they could make an impact by helping local patients who may not have been receiving the care they needed. Now, patients under Dr. Zaibak’s care are more adherent to chronic medications than patients who utilize chain pharmacies in the same zip codes. We reached out to find out why.

Dr. Hashim Zaibak stated, “Although medication adherence is a problem across the country, studies have shown adherence to be worse in inner cities when compared to the suburbs. The TCGRx technology we use has benefited the pharmacy and community through improving medication adherence.”

Hayat’s Pharmacy uses TCGRx’s ATP® 2, an automated tablet packaging system, mainly because it helps carry out their focus of helping patients stay adherent to their chronic medications and results in good patient outcomes. Using this technology as part of his adherence program, the percentage of patients that are adherent to their chronic medications jumped from 72% to 84%.

Dr. Hashim Zaibak initially began using TCGRx’s ATP 2 solution to provide strip packaging to the aging population. He then expanded the service to school aged children after realizing strip packaging can help any population stay adherent with any medications.

The TCGRx’s ATP 2 solution, which is housed in a designated “Adherence Room,” has helped save his business time and money. The technology is easy to use and easy to be trained on. In addition, the medication packages are easy for patients to understand and follow.

As recognition of Dr. Hashim Zaibak’s excellent service to not only his community but to the profession, Pharmacy Development Services named him “2014 Pharmacist of the Year,” and Hayat Pharmacy was named Health Mart’s “2014 Pharmacy of the Year.” Now, with ten pharmacies growing stronger than ever, it’s clear he’s making a significant impact within the communities they serve.

For more information on how TCGRx’s automation solutions can improve adherence, contact them at (262) 279-5307 or email them at [email protected].