Virginia Pharmacy Compounds for Patients…and Pets

Prescriptions, pet meds, a gift shop, and a post office may sound like the list of stores you’d find in a shopping center - but it’s everything you’ll find at Williamsburg Drug. They continue to find new ways to better serve Williamsburg, Virginia, so it’s no surprise they’ve been in business since 1895.

Pharmacy Owner, Deborah Shocklin shares, “we’ve tried to evolve into a business that recognizes what the needs are in the community and what may be missing that would be appropriate for a pharmacy to offer.” Of those needs, one of the most unique are pet medications.

The pharmacy always offered compounding, and found that it easily transferred into ped medication. Just like with people, some pet meds aren’t in the right dose, so the pharmacy will work with local vets to compound a new medication based on pet size, medical need, and dosing. They’ll even flavor the medication in chicken, beef, and other flavors that appeal to pets like horses, dogs, cats, and rabbits. Showing love for both their patients and pets has without a doubt made the community love Williamsburg Drug even more.

Williamsburg Drug began using RxWiki’s solutions back in 2015. But according to Deb, the pharmacy is no stranger to technology. Her father and former owner of the pharmacy, the late Warren E. Harrell, “was always technology forward. He even made Williamsburg Drug the first computerized pharmacy in the whole state of Virginia. So we’ve never been afraid of technology because we understand the benefit it has to us and our customers.”

Deb has noticed a change since going digital because of its appeal to the younger generation and even their senior citizens. They’ve noticed many of their patients sending messages through the website, downloading the mobile app, and refilling their prescriptions online. Says Deb, “being digital allows us to incorporate a larger population by offering technology as well as old fashioned face-to-face and telephone conversations.”

Williamsburg prides themselves on offering the services they can to appeal to all populations of people in the Greater Williamsburg Area. Deb says, “I’ve tried to carry on at the level that my dad would expect; innovative and concerned with what people need and how pharmacies should be.”

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