You Might ‘Like’ This

The Bad News? The number of likes on your pharmacy’s page may see a small dip over the next few days.

The Good News? Facebook is removing memorialized and voluntarily deactivated accounts from the ‘Likes’ count on your page. This means they are essentially taking out likes from people who are no longer actively using their Facebook account.

This “cleaning up” of your likes will actually give you a better idea of your true audience following and allow your posts to reach more people who are actively using their Facebook profile.


Ask Your Patients to Like Your Page Face-To-Face

Talking to your patients in-store is the best opportunity to expand your social audience. Many of your patients likely don’t even know that you have a social presence, nor do they know they benefits that come with liking your Facebook page – so tell them!

Facebook Advertising

The organic growth of likes is a very slow process, which is why it’s good to supplement with Facebook advertising. Our Facebook advertising specialist will create an ad campaign that’s tailored to your pharmacy, helping you target potential patients in your area.

Utilize Our Free Promotional Flyers

Put flyers up in your pharmacy window, at the register, and anywhere else in the store you would like. We have free flyers for you to download and print here.

You can read the full update from Facebook here.