How to Be Successful Online – Part 2 of 5: Set Digital Goals

Setting goals for your digital strategy is critical to help you understand which tactics are working and which are not. For example, without specific goals, you may not know whether your website is effective or if your Facebook ad campaign is driving results.

What’s a good goal? Here’s a rule of thumb – aim for 20% of your patients to refill their prescriptions via mobile app or pharmacy website. If you have 2,000 patients, that’s about 65 app downloads per month for the next 6 months. Once you have set your digital goals, communicate the goals with your staff and make sure they understand the importance of hitting the goals.

How do you get patients to download the app? Three simple words “Download our app”. More than any other promotional tactic, we have found pharmacies to be successful in having patients downloads their mobile app by simply having pharmacy staff end every patient interaction with that simple phrase. In fact, one pharmacy was able to achieve 124 mobile app downloads in a single month by simply telling their patients about the app at every opportunity.

Now, add incentives for your patients (and even your pharmacy staff) to download the app, and you will be surprised by the momentum you can gain! Incentives can include offers, such as 10% off of your next purchase with proof of download. If you have a cafe or deli, offer a free beverage with each download! You can even organize a raffle drawing and grant one entry for each mobile download or refill.

You can track your progress by logging into your digital pharmacist dashboard from the digital pharmacist homepage. The dashboard shows you the most important analytics related to your mobile app and website. Through the dashboard, you can track the number of refills and mobile app downloads, and also observe the various levels of patient activity on your pharmacy website.

If you do not have access to your dashboard or need a refresher, contact your digital pharmacist expert at 1-877-959-7550. We would love to hear from you!