Plano Pharmacy Puts Nutrition First

You don’t often come across a pharmacy with a clinical nutritionist on staff. But at TexasStar pharmacy, that’s exactly what you’ll find. They believe in attacking health issues at the source and taking an active role in their patients' overall nutrition.

Opened in 2006, TexasStar Pharmacy is owned and operated by Donna Barsky (who happens to be a pharmacist on staff as well). Donna is a firm believer that nutrition can help prevent and treat many health issues and decided to add a nutritionist to the staff about three years ago. “Drugs patch an immediate need, but you have to go to the source of the problem. And if you don’t treat the source, then you increase the need for medication – which is not necessarily healthier.”

Donna also works on a collaborative care program with patients and doctors which she’s taken to local businesses. The pharmacy will go to companies with 100-500 employees to assess how each employee’s health can be improved and then handles the organization and coordination of patients, their doctor, and healthcare providers. The goal is to increase the health of the company as a whole, which in turn causes insurance health costs to go down.

TexasStar Pharmacy believes in looking at the big picture. If a patient has a prescription for high blood pressure, rather than filling the prescription and sending them on their way, Donna will work with the patient to see how improved nutrition can help with high blood pressure. “You have to customize healthcare for each patient. What works for one person doesn’t always work for the next,” says Donna.

This big picture approach to pharmacy is evident throughout every aisle of the pharmacy. “There’s not much in my pharmacy that you’ll find anywhere else. Wound care is wound care – it’s not 6 feet of band-aids. We’re all about health, so you’re not going to find candy – you’ll find protein bars, and protein drinks – not Monster or other energy drinks,” explained Donna. And since the pharmacy is also a compounding pharmacy with a lab, they even provide pharmaceutical grade nutritionals to take good healthcare one step further.

TexasStar believes in being easily accessible for their patients’ health both in person and online. They began using the Digital Pharmacist Platform back in 2015. Says Donna, “No one has a phone book anymore – I know people are going to find me online. They do everything on the web and I’m happy about that because it works so well. The fact that patients can send me a message at any time makes being online even more user-friendly for everyone.”

To learn more about the RxWiki services TexasStar Pharmacy leverages to reach their patients, contact us.