Watch How John Anderson & Team Achieved a 12:1 ROI

There is no denying the tremendous technological advancements that have been made over the past decade. John Anderson, pharmacist and owner of B&J Pharmacy and Wimberley Pharmacy, recognized these changes and how they impact the way pharmacists interact with their patients. For John, finding a convenient solution to help his already busy pharmacies was of the utmost importance.

Rebecca Cable, operations manager of B&J Pharmacy, noted that “Our younger patients expected us to have an app. That’s the world that we live in, if we want to compete with the big guys we have to have the same technology.”

Launching their website and mobile app proved to be the catalyst for increased patient engagement. Additionally, the staff utilizes a monthly newsletter to stay connected with customers. They focus on promoting a theme every month, such as men’s health or skincare. To provide a personal touch, the newsletter includes lifestyle content, such as recipes and healthy living ideas.

The pharmacies receive on average 50-60 refills a day through the app, which roughly equates to 2-3 hours of phone time saved. Overall, they’ve received over 6000 refills through their digital products and have over 400 mobile app downloads since launching their products. Both pharmacies are receiving a 12:1 return on investment from their digital products.

“The app has allowed the job to be easier by freeing up our time. In the mornings, we can just start processing prescriptions because everything is already setup and ready to go.” Stated Dr. Laura Smith, Head Pharmacist for B&J and Wimberley Pharmacy.

John plans to keep increasing a number of refills that come through their website and mobile app so that they can continue to give 5-star customer service to all of their patients.

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