5 Things To Post On Social Media This Week

By Anyssa Garza, PharmD, BCMAS – Digital Pharmacist Staff

Figuring out what to post on social media is not always easy, especially when you have a pharmacy to run. In an effort to help equip you with the tools to better market your pharmacy, we’ve collected some ideas and content that you can use in your social media posts over the next week.

The content of these posts range from holiday pieces to patient news. The diversity of these posts can help keep your social media presence from becoming stale while still staying relevant to the interests of your patients. As you post, keep in mind The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media, a blog series we did back in March, to ensure you stay professional and on-brand.

1. Memorial Day Post: This upcoming Monday is Memorial Day, a day to honor those who have fallen in the line of service. You can use the below graphic on social media to commemorate the holiday.

2. Staff Spotlight: One of the main reasons people visit local pharmacies is the personal care they receive from staff. Take some time to regularly highlight some of the pharmacy personnel and share something about them. By doing this, the community will get to know you better and feel more connected to their local healthcare family.

3. Health News: Positioning yourself as one of the primary places for people to manage and optimize their health is key to gaining and retaining patients. Share a health management tip or health news article with your community and include how the pharmacy plays a part in optimizing patients’ health.

4. Summertime Supplies: Remind your audience that you are the one-stop shop for all things summertime. Use the graphic below with a more specific list of all your OTC offerings such as sunscreen, bug spray and other summertime necessities.

5. Pharmacy Services: Don’t forget to remind your audience about some of the many great things you can do for them. Whether that is offering medication delivery or a special new over-the-counter product, be proud of the great services you offer. Make sure to include an image and a small blurb on how the local pharmacy is the best place to manage one’s health.

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