Introducing the Pharmacy Experience Dashboard

The Pharmacy Experience dashboard, our proprietary client portal, gives pharmacies the tools to interact with Digital Pharmacist products and manage many day-to-day operations. It’s built to integrate all of our products seamlessly, offering clients a streamlined experience so they can spend more time interacting with patients. What the Pharmacy Dashboard Does The dashboard provides a […]

Wellness Trends Worth Watching Among Younger Patients

Younger patients are already beginning to dictate the course of modern healthcare, yet they are rarely the focus of pharmacies’ marketing efforts. Their focus on holistic health and lifestyle-based solutions have contributed to an emphasis on mental health and to recent upticks in organic and wellness trends.  Pharmacies can take a long-term approach to marketing […]

CVS Reports $2 Billion Q1 Profit — What You Need to Know

CVS reported its first quarter results yesterday, showing revenue up 8.3% year over year to $66.8 billion and a $600 million year over year jump in net income to $2 billion. The Wall Street Journal provides deep analysis of the CVS results. Below are a few key takeaways for our independent pharmacy partners: 1. CVS […]

Reaching Senior Patients Through Digital Technology

Senior pharmacy patients, while less tech-savvy than younger generations, are nevertheless adopting newer technologies at an increasing pace.  There’s no arguing that seniors are profitable patients for pharmacies. Not only are they more likely to need regular care and prescription medication, but they also spend more on medical expenses not covered by their health insurance.  […]

Pharmacy Marketing Fundamentals

Marketing goes far beyond a storefront. It’s an essential channel that drives sales and attracts customers. Most businesses wouldn’t exist without a marketing plan. Marketing identifies people that need your services and lets them know that you are there, what you offer, and how you can help them. For independent pharmacies, it helps you connect […]

Driving Efficiency Through Pharmacy Technology

Digital transformation and technology acceptance is crucial to the survival of independent pharmacies.  Recent updates in technology allow pharmacies to operate at maximum efficiency, eliminating human error and streamlining repetitive tasks. They also give professionals more time to focus on individual care and building relationships with patients in person and online. The market demand for […]

4 Tips to Help You Keep up With Extra Business During COVID-19

Many pharmacies are experiencing a surge in business at the moment due to COVID-19. Last month, clients on our pharmacy platform saw record-breaking numbers of prescription refills, calls, and mobile downloads. Handling an increase in business during social distancing and shelter-in-place orders can be stressful and complicated. How do you balance patient and customer influx […]

The Coronavirus Testing Problem and How Pharmacies Can Help

As the number of COVID-19 cases rises, the need for testing has begun to outpace current capabilities. Your pharmacy has a unique opportunity to provide testing support and change the face of coronavirus patient care. The US has 160,020 active coronavirus cases as of March 30, according to the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center. President […]