Three Days, 95 Patients: How This Pharmacy Used Digital Marketing to Boost a New Program

With over 95 patient signups in three days, RGV Hometown Pharmacy’s most recent Facebook digital marketing campaign made waves online. Located in Harlingen, Texas, RGV’s Hometown Pharmacy’s mission is to provide outstanding customer service and patient care to the local community. Adrian Cervantes, PharmD, owner of RGV Hometown Pharmacy, launched the pharmacy’s general marketing efforts […]

How Three Pharmacies Used Marketing to Attract New Patients

Read how Michelle’s Pharmacy, Holt’s Pharmacy and Coastal Pharmacy leveraged different marketing strategies to attract new patients to their pharmacy. 1. Set specific goals for your marketing. Michelle Dyer, owner of Michelle’s Pharmacy, wanted to increase the number of digital refills that were generated through her pharmacy’s website. By focusing her staff on promotion and […]

Reputation Management in Four Steps

Online reviews are becoming more important to customers as they decide which businesses to visit. According to Statista, “31 percent of internet users regularly read online reviews to check out the quality of the business.” That means digital is now a requirement to compete in the marketplace. Luckily for local pharmacies, there are options for […]

Visit Digital Pharmacist at RBC Cardinal Health Conference in Nashville

We are excited to announce Digital Pharmacist is heading to Nashville, Tennessee for this year’s RBC Cardinal Health Conference. If you will be there, too, we would love to meet you. Meet the Digital Pharmacist team at the Pharmacy Marketing Advantage booth. Swing by talk with us one-on-one about how Digital Pharmacist’s platform is redefining independent […]

How the New Patient Button and Transfer Option Works

Every month, Digital Pharmacist helps independent pharmacies attract over 1,000 new transfers via the pharmacy’s healthsite “New Patient” function. Our New Patient pages are are unique to the pharmacy and are ideally designed for search engine optimization.  When patients register with the pharmacy via the “New Patient” function, Digital Pharmacist sends a secure fax with […]

Chart of the Month: Where Are Patients Transferring From?

Last week we posted how Ross Bridge Pharmacy, in Hoover, Alabama received 96 transfers over the last three months via their pharmacy healthsite. In case you missed it, you can read their story here.  Ross Bridge Pharmacy is not the only pharmacy to see these great results. The pharmacies that use Digital Pharmacist have seen […]

Enhance Your Pharmacy’s Patient Experience

Patient satisfaction is a key indicator of a pharmacy’s success, arguably now more than ever before. With chain retailers continuing to enter the space, consumers have so many options when selecting the pharmacy that is right for them.  Check out these four ways on how your pharmacy can enhance patient experience 1. Increase refills and […]

Get The Most Out of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is designed to supplement your current marketing efforts to spread the word about your pharmacy. In order to make sure your efforts are optimized, follow the below list of six best practices. Highlight services that make your pharmacy unique. Whether it’s free delivery or compounding, showcase services that patients may not receive at […]

Four Best Practices for Positive Reputation Management

According to Statista, 31 percent of internet users regularly read online reviews to check out the quality of the business. Google yourself. What do you find? If your online reputation management could use some work, check out these four best practices to ensure that your pharmacy stays in front of the power of internet reviews. 1. […]

Digital Pharmacist & BestRX: Enhancing the Patient-Pharmacy Experience

Digital Pharmacist and BestRX have partnered to continue to build products to improve the patient-pharmacy experience for local independents. We are excited to announce our new partnership with BestRX! Digital Pharmacist has partnered with BestRX, a leading pharmacy management solution to continue to improve the patient-pharmacist experience. This partnership strengthens the companies’ shared goal – […]

The Top Four Myths About Going Digital: Busted

By Anyssa Garza, PharmD, BCMAS – Digital Pharmacist Staff To compete with big box retailers, it is necessary for independent pharmacists to have a digital strategy. We walk you through the top four myths we hear from pharmacists around their hesitation with going digital. At Digital Pharmacist, we work with over 7,500 local community pharmacies. We understand […]