How to Achieve a 51:1 Return on Digital Investment

In the city of Yukon, OK, Conrad Marr Healthmart is synonymous with fast and friendly hometown service. Having been in business for more than 50 years, owner Craig McAlister has always placed an emphasis on growing his pharmacy through advertising and marketing. He quickly identified his customer’s needs for online convenience and decided to launch a new website, mobile app, and Facebook page.

The success Conrad Marr experienced with digital solutions was astounding. They received over 400 mobile app downloads and more than 2700 refills through their digital products. Over 90% of the refills came directly through their app. In April alone, Conrad Marr had 255 refills come through their website and mobile app, helping them to achieve a 51:1 return on investment.

“You don’t know your results with paper or billboards. With digital, you can see exactly what kind of impact you’re making,” said Craig on why he decided to go digital.

The mobile app allows pharmacies to promote unique messages to their patients every time they open the app. Conrad Marr took advantage of this feature in several ways including informing patients of their delivery service, holiday closures and special services such as testosterone compounding.

“We didn’t have a method to do this before Digital Pharmacist came along,” explained Craig.

Here’s how Conrad Marr achieved optimal results:

  1. Signed up for digital marketing and worked with their Digital Marketing Executive to run Facebook advertisements promoting the mobile app and online refills.
  2. Named employee, Jessica, their digital champion. Jessica manages their Facebook page and stays in charge of marketing their digital products.
  3. Increased patient engagement through special promotional messaging on the mobile app.
  4. Used marketing signage and bag stuffers to encourage patients to download the app.

Conrad Marr’s digital presence is ever-growing as Craig and Jessica continue to market their mobile app and website in-stores and online. With the exponential growth they’re experiencing, they are on track to receive over 5000 digital refills in 2017.

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