Old School Pharmacy Uses Technology and Milkshakes to Drive Business

Original marble countertops, cabinets from 1913, and old-school ice cream cones. That may not sound like your typical pharmacy, but that’s what sets Remington Drug apart from other big box pharmacies.

Founded in 1908 as AW Smith Goods and Notions, the pharmacy has now been operating as Remington Drug for over 100 years. And for most of those years, it was operated by members of the Ashby Family. Only recently did Al Roberts and Travis Hale take over after the former owner decided it was time to retire.

Despite the ownership change, Al and Travis make it a point to keep the store as close to its original condition as possible.

“Our store reminds patients of their childhood, with original decor and old-style milkshakes,” says Travis.

But that doesn’t mean Travis and Al don’t use technology. Even though the town is small and the population is older, Travis knew the importance of an online and mobile presence. After seeing RxWiki’s solutions at the annual NCPA conference, he quickly signed on as a customer. Since launch, the mobile app has been a massive hit.

“We used to have 20-30 voicemails on our machine on Monday morning. Now we have 20-30 faxes instead,” marvels Al when he talks about how the business has changed.

This combination of old fashioned store and service, combined with the latest technology is driving new business. One customer even drives 1.5 hours just to get scripts filled. Travis and Al are also aiming to partner with a nearby hospital which will help significantly increase business.

Says Travis, “The younger generation are generally surprised when they walk into an old-fashioned store but are told that they can download an app to submit refills electronically”.

Using this technology helps them keep the younger population loyal to the pharmacy. Instead of picking up a script for a simple sinus infection at the drive-through of the big box pharmacy, they come to Travis and Al’s store since they’re now getting the best of both the old and new worlds.

Ultimately, using this technology allows Travis and Al to spend time on the things that are important, like spending time with their patients. “I worked for CVS for 3 years before I joined Remington,” reminisces Travis, “there’s just no comparison.”

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