Place Tips

Facebook has released an incredible tool called 'Place Tips' that allows you to connect better with patients when they are in or near your store through Bluetooth® Beacons technology. Find out what it is and what it can do for your pharmacy.

Facebook’s Brilliant New Feature

Facebook has released an incredible tool called ‘Place Tips’ that allows you to connect better with patients, when they are in or near your store, through Bluetooth® Beacons technology.

What Are Bluetooth® Beacons?

“Bluetooth® beacons are transmitters that use Bluetooth® Low Energy 4.0 to broadcast signals that can be heard by smart devices…When a smart device is in a beacon’s proximity, the beacon will automatically recognize it and will be able to interact with that device” – Bluetooth® Beacons.

So here’s what that means for you:

Let’s say someone walks by your store. That person probably has a smartphone in hand, right? Well as long as that phone has Bluetooth® turned on, as soon as Facebook is opened while they’re nearby, the Beacons will signal for ‘Place Tips’ about your pharmacy to pop up. It’s genius really…patients are given important information at the exact right time – when they’re most likely to come into the pharmacy (or are already inside).

People receiving the Place Tips don’t need to worry about any privacy issues. The beacons don’t gather any information from the phones. It’s one way communication – the signal causes information to popup on their phones, and that’s it.

Check out Facebook’s new tool in action below.


Let’s Go A Little More In Depth On What ‘Place Tips’ Entails.

Place Tips are a great way to connect people with a particular business. Facebook creates this connection with people by having the information include “fun, useful and relevant info about the places they visit”.

Even more specifically, recipients of the Bluetooth Beacons will see how their friends and family are connected to your business through posts or pictures they’ve shared about it. This is a great feature because people trust the recommendations of their friends and family much more than anything else.

The only unfortunate thing about Place Tips is that it’s not available to all businesses yet. You should absolutely still sign-up for the feature to make sure you can start taking advantage of it as soon as it’s available to you. Just follow the button below to Facebook’s “beacon for business” sign-up page: