Taylor County Pharmacy’s Grand Opening – Achieving Digital Success Through Events

See how Taylor County Pharmacy prepared for their Grand Opening and introduced the local community to their new healthcare family.

Pharmacy promotion is a tricky thing to get right. Patient behaviors can be difficult to alter and getting people excited about their health is never an easy task. Plus, Independent Pharmacy’s strongest asset, the personal relationships, can be lost in the translation. Most of all, Pharmacists are already so busy that anything outside of everyday operations can easily be put on the backburner. Taylor County Pharmacy was able to navigate these difficulties, however, and put on a Grand Opening that attracted new customers and kickstarted their digital products.

We sat down with Dennis from Taylor County Pharmacy to figure out how they managed to pull off the event, leading to approximately 300 new prescription transfers. According to Dennis, their approach to this event was multi-faceted so that they could capture as many patients as possible.

– Amazon Echo Giveaway: As a way to capture new business, Taylor County Pharmacy hosted a raffle where one prescription transfer equaled one raffle ticket. These prescription transfers then resulted in monthly recurring refills.

–  Radio Station Partnership: Taylor County Pharmacy paid for multiple short radio spots advertising their Grand Opening and inviting the public to come participate in their events. They also invited the local radio station to come to the actual event and help host.

– Digital Marketing Ads: Custom Facebook Ads were made advertising the grand opening and other specialty services. Their campaigns were then targeted to the surrounding areas and big-box competitors. This reached over 10,000 people and drew 786 new people to the event and their new digital products.

As a result, the Grand Opening was a hit with the community. Sno cone stands, food trucks and other activities created a great environment for families and new patients alike to come visit their new healthcare family. According to Dennis, they have seen a significant increase in foot traffic since the event. With about 70% of scripts coming in as new prescriptions, Taylor County Pharmacy is still generating new business as a result of all their efforts.

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