Nord’s Pharmacy: Capturing App Downloads Through Clever Campaigns

Evan Foster, owner of Nord’s Pharmacy, told us how he made his digital launch of his website and mobile app a smashing success by promoting his products at the local health fair. At the fair, he conducted live app demonstrations to customers. To keep their digital presence strong and ever-growing, Evan puts in extra thought to crafting unique and engaging marketing campaigns.

Nord’s Pharmacy was originally founded in 1892, making this year their 125th anniversary. They held a promotion where the first 125 people to come in and show their downloaded app got a free gift of Russell Stovers chocolate or a bag of Dotz pretzels. They promoted the giveaway with in-store signage and through Facebook.

Nord’s Pharmacy also utilizes bag stuffers that promote the mobile app. Evan mentions that when they do the bag stuffers, they always see a spike in downloads and refill numbers so he knows that marketing method is effective.

Evan understands that when marketing to customers, success begins with properly educating his staff. “We have a Monday morning staff huddle every week. We reviewed the app and some of the dashboard stats several weeks in a row. I also had, and continue to have, a lot of quick one-on-one conversations with staff about the app, website and the tools inside of each.”

Nord’s Pharmacy’s digital success continues to grow. They have received over 400 mobile downloads. Their digital refills have increased from 112 in June to a monthly average of 161 from July through October – a 43% increase. Their website traffic remains strong with over 200 visitors in October.

To keep their digital customer base robust, Nord’s Pharmacy continues to come up with innovate ways to engage their customers online and in-store. If their past growth is any indicator of their future, they will continue to grow their customer base while gaining more digital refills and mobile app downloads as they move into the new year.

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