Protect Your Pharmacy Against Domain Scams


We have recently received reports that our members have been contacted by a domain service company called iDNS (Internet Domain Name Services). iDNS will send an invoice to independent pharmacies and other local businesses and prompt them to pay for their service before their web domain expires.

Why you should avoid providing your credit card information?

  • A mock invoice is sent by iDNS that comes across as a bill with a deadline and an area to write in credit card information. In the notice, it states that it is “not a bill.” Rather, it is a tactic for iDNS to capture payment while authorizing your agreement to switch website hosting providers. This can be easily overlooked in the block of text written above the payment options.
  • The hosting options through iDNS cost significantly more than the average cost to register and renew a domain through other providers (typically $10-$15 per year).
  • Due to the amount of time that a domain can be registered (1-5 yrs), it is often overlooked and forgotten by business owners who are not actively aware of their domain provider and renewal fees. This gives companies like iDNS tricky ways to get you to authorize a renewal with them over your original hosting provider.
  • If you call iDNS to inquire about the invoice, iDNS will prompt you to pay “the bill” and transfer your domain to their company. This is misleading as they cannot bill you if you do not have service with them. You should not authorize a transfer until you have spoken with your actual domain provider.

How to Check Your Domain

If you don’t know who your domain provider is, you can check using the ICANN domain name registry. The company listed will have control over your domain and renewal fees.

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