Schaefer Drugs Competes with Big Chains and Achieves a 17:1 ROI

There is no shortage of pharmacies in southwest Florida, one of the most populous areas in the U.S. Jay Henley, manager of Schaefer Drugs and Compounding, knew that to stay ahead of the competition and big chain pharmacies he needed to take his business digital.

“My patients, young and old, told me that I needed a user-friendly app with refill capabilities and a website with health information,” said Jay.

Just a year after unveiling their new website and mobile app, Schaefer Drugs has achieved a 17:1 return on investment. They’ve received over 800 refills through their digital products with over 85% coming directly from their mobile app. In addition, they have reached over 200 mobile app downloads as well as over 60 patient reviews, giving real time feedback to their business.




Schaefer Drugs’ success can be attributed to three key strategies:

  1. In-store Signage – promotional signage by the prescription counter advertising their mobile app and easy online refills
  2. In-Store Digital Support – friendly staff in the pharmacy that helps patients locate the mobile app on their phones and download it in-store
  3. Social Media Presence – consistent Facebook posts that engage users through comments, likes, and reviews

Patients love the app. One patient said, “This (app) makes it so easy to refill a script! I can send in the refill after hours- and know it is there the next day!” It’s safe to say that going digital has enabled Schaefer Drugs to compete with the big chains while providing the quality service their patients demand.

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